Solution for Complications in the Male Reproductive Organ is A Crucial Challenge for Dr Vishal Dutt Gour

The majority of the males suffer from either of the reproductive problems like erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, libido, testicular lumps or the disease in the prostate glands but feels embarrassing to discuss in public, to a friend or a urologist. This problem if not cured, maybe hazardous not only to the male but also to his family members. The major problem is that he is unable to make his spouse fall pregnant after innumerable trials. The difficulties faced by the males and the best possible treatment to cure the disease are discussed below in this article, so keep the reading pace.

The unidentified problem in the male reproductive organ

If a male patient is suffering from any of the reproductive diseases, it is generally hidden and not discussed as they think it is a bad name for their manhood. For example, if he is suffering from the prostate gland disease and is reluctant not to discuss with a urological surgeon to treat the same, the situation may be worse, resulting in prostate cancer. Another reason that made the disease unidentified as the doctor may not ask the patient about his sexual history to avoid embarrassment.

Treating the erectile dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction defines as the inability to erect the sex organ enough to get the maximum pleasure during the intercourse. If the disease continues for an extended period, psychological and behavioral symptoms are visible. Upon visiting the male fertility specialist, the primary treatment includes prescribing few medicines that follow with the proper education, consultation and the counseling of the patient. This over-usage of nitrates and the nitrate-rich medication may result in erectile dysfunction.

Causes and the treatment of premature ejaculation

Premature ejaculation is another sensitive issue to discuss with any male, as he is unable to disclose due to sheer embarrassment. This problem may be either genetic reason, past sexual relationship or due to guilt, anxiety, and depression. If you follow the proper treatment by the best male fertility specialist in Delhi, the problem may vanish within one to two weeks from the date of initializing the therapy. Few therapy, medications and behavioral and psychological techniques may treat wonders for the disease.

Lack of desire for sexual activity leads to infertility

Libido relates to the males when there is low or no sexual activity desire for their partner. This symptom is again a cause of embarrassment that may occur due to fatigue, stresses, anxiety, depression, and conflict among the partners. The decrease in libido may be the result of a few medicine side effects that can easily be cured by either counseling with the andrologist or by taking a few prescribed medicines regularly.

In case you suffering from any of the above male reproductive problems that lead to infertility, visit the doctor online or at the chamber in Delhi. He is one of the best fertility specialists who had solved many complicated cases and known in and abroad for his kindness and friendly behavior.

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