Male Infertility

Infertility and females go together but this word never associates with male and remains hidden when a couple is unable to produce its offspring. This saying was a myth when males considered as stronger sex gender compared to females who were born defective and were the weak sex and is always responsible for being a barren land, a fruitless tree. On the other hand, men being impotent was not only a curse to the society but gave a bad name to the family too.

The scenario is changing today, men too face fertility problems with age, which is one of the prime reasons for the couples to be infertile. Up to 15% of male infertility in India diagnosed among couples making the top reason for not conceiving their child even after having frequent unprotected intercourse for quite a long time.

Age and male infertility
There are various reasons for a man being infertile among which age plays a very vital role in not able to produce a fruit or an offspring.

  • The best male fertility age is between 25 -30 when the sperm count is at the maximum and the motility of the sperm to travel from the uterus to the fallopian tube is at the highest level. However, no men want to father a child at this age, thus the symptoms of infertility are visible.
  • Researchers prove that after the age of 30, the levels of testosterone that is the sperm count decreases to 1% every year and so is the chance of bearing a child decreases to 1% every year too.

Common Problems faced by males

After frequent treatment of the couples, it concludes that the percentage of male infertility in Delhi & NCR is increasing at an alarming rate; the reason for being barren for the male can be very stressful and frustrating. Do not worry, male treatment works progressively and positively. The various symptoms among males, which we tend to overlook, maybe the prime reason for the couple to be infertile is as follows.

  • The most common problem faced among couples is genetic abnormalities present in 10% of infertile females and 15% of infertile males.
  • Hormonal imbalance among males is due to low secretion of testosterone to the female uterus that is another reason for couples to unable to deliver their baby. Again, there is a solution for this treatment is the intake of hormone injections and oral medications will show positive signs after a few months.
  • Male infertility is commonly due to the enlargement of the veins, seen within the loose skin bag that surrounds the testicles, thus results in low sperm production.

Signs and symptoms

Nowadays, a man faces the most difficult challenges of his life that are male infertility in India, which comes into light only when he is unable to conceive a child. The various signs and symptoms involving male infertility include.

  • Pain or swelling in the area around the testicles during sex is one of the early signs of infertility in men.
  • Hormonal imbalances result in changes in the sexual desire, facing difficulties in ejaculation, a decrease in the amount of fluid ejaculated and problems in maintaining an erection.
  • A frequent respiratory infection resulting in respiratory diseases is one of the common signs of male infertility in Delhi.
  • Loss of sensitivity to smell
  • Sudden and abnormal growth of male breasts calls for infertility.
  • There is a decreased growth of hair in the body and around your face.
  • The sperm count is low than normal.

Common causes of male infertility

A couple giving birth without any complex treatment is rare nowadays. The present lifestyle, the work pressure, stress levels, grandparent’s interference, and many other factors result in weakening of the
brain tissues causing many complications including infertility as one in the top list. To get your
partner pregnant, the following must occur:

  • Anyone of your testicles must show proper function and the body must produce testosterone and even other healthy hormones to produce healthy sperm count and maintain the same.
  • Once you are producing healthy sperms, they need to mix with the semen before ejaculated out from the penis.
  • After mixing, there should be enough sperm in the semen for properly fertilizing your partner’s egg. If the sperm count is low, it decreases the chances of getting pregnant.
  • Sperms along with the semen’s should be active and show some movement to reach your partner’s egg. If the sperm is not motile, it would not reach your partner’s egg, thus showing signs of male infertility.

Sperm disorder

The main problems are the growing and development of sperms, which result in various complications. If the sperms are:

  • Not properly growing
  • Odd in shape
  • Not moving in the right direction
  • Very less in number, and
  • Not visible

Other causes for male infertility

Apart from environmental, physical and mental causes, there are many other causes for male infertility in NCR listed below.

  1. Usage of steroids to increase muscular growth that results in the shrinkage of testicles and decreased sperm production,
  2. Drinking alcohol and smoking can lower testosterone levels.
  3. Prolonged stress results in low sperm count.
  4. Obesity also causes hormonal misbalance.


The causes for male infertility cannot be preventable but you can lower them by avoiding the same.
You can avoid some of the causes such as:

  • Do not smoke
  • Limit or avoid alcohol and smoking
  • Do not take any medicines or drugs until prescribed by the doctor
  • Keep the weight under control
  • Do not get a vasectomy
  • Avoid things that lead to heat the testicles for a long time
  • Reduce overthinking and stress.
  • Avoid exposure to pesticides, heavy metals, and toxic substances
  • Maintain a healthy lifestyle and exercise regularly.

When to go to the doctor

The rapid growth of male infertility in India had resulted in the establishment of fertility clinics in each city with trained doctors, modernized machines, equipped with all facilities for the proper treatment. When you observe any of the above symptoms and you are unable to conceive a child after a year or two having regular unprotected intercourse, it is then the right time to go to a doctor for consultation. Do not worry, every problem has a solution, the doctor is going to write a few tests to determine the cause of infertility, which you need to do immediately to keep the treatment in progress. The common tests associated with male infertility include the following.

  • Hormone testing
  • Genetic tests
  • Scrotal ultrasound, which will show images inside your body to have a clear view of your problem
  • Sperm tests
  • Post- ejaculation urinalysis

The initial treatment
After the test reports, you are aware of the problem going inside your body, you need to rectify the same followed by the treatment by a specialized doctor. Do not worry, these short treatments would work wonders in your life and soon be able to conceive with your partner and be a father to the child. Treatment for male infertility includes:

Along with the tests, you have to take a few medicines to start the treatment followed by a few surgeries. Medicines, prescribed to increase sperm production and decrease hormonal complications going inside your body also cure other diseases like arthritis, depression, digestive problems, high blood pressure, and cancer.

Surgical treatment
A varicocelectomy is a minor surgical treatment frequently done on males to repair the scrotal veins around the testicles. Males had to undergo this surgery only when the medicines do not work and fail to show any positive signs of conceiving with the partner.

As discussed in the article, male infertility is a common and rapid grown disease across the globe. There are many reasons for the male to be infertile as well as the treatments for the same. With the growth of advanced science and technology, doctors and researchers have managed to find out various means to come out from physical, emotional, mental and environmental complications.

If you are not fertile after taking medicines, surgeries are there to do your overall treatment. If the surgeries also do not work at all, there is a miraculous gift of science to humans. This gift is the ICSI treatment against male infertility. Recent reports show 80 to 90% success rates in non-fertile male patients. It is a form of In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) done in the severe cases of male infertility. It involves the injection of sperm directly into a mature egg resulting in pregnancy to your partner. This treatment is expensive but brings happiness in your home, so do not be disheartened at all. Male infertility is not a disease, it is a treatment.

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